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Training Offered:


Below you will find a list of training courses SAFEshootersUSA currently offered, complete with descriptions and COMPETITIVE prices. 

Business owners: We have new specials for getting your staff physically trained & mentally conditioned to better protect themselves, your patrons, and your investments. 

May 11th, 2024: NC Concealed Carry Class, Bayboro, 0830, $85. Visit contact tab to make $25 deposit, remaining balance payable the day of class($60).

We offer private classes & coaching 7 days a week when available. Call for scheduling.

Contact us if you are interested in a course that does not have a listed date.

If a course does not fit what you are looking for, personal one on one training with one of our certified instructors may be right for you.


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This course explains the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry - Handgun Law as it applies to the rights of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun and to teach & apply the fundamentals of safety & basic marksmanship. Subjects covered include;

(1) Provisions of Common and Statutory laws in which the use of deadly force is justified. 

(2) Where it is off limits to carry a handgun even with a permit.

(3) Safe handgun handling including loading, unloading, storing and firing.

(4) Parts and operation of revolvers and semiautomatic pistols

(5) Proficiency in marksmanship fundamentals

Clients must successfully pass a written legal & safety test, as well as a live fire qualification. We prefer you use the gun you intend to actually use as your defensive weapon. This is not intended as a "learn to shoot" class. Time limits and various shooting positions give this course a more life like feel. The NRA courses, as well as private instruction, are more suited for learning handgun handling, as well as shooting from various steps of the draw.

Requirements: Any centerfire revolver of semi auto pistol, 50 rounds factory ammunition

This course is at least 8-hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; choosing the right pistol and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive course completion certificate.

Requirements: Semi auto or revolver of any kind, 50 rounds factory ammunition

-YOUR OWN FIREARMS & AMMO ARE NOT MANDATORY, can be provided for additional fee.

This 2 hour course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific pistol action type for classes of four or fewer students. Classroom and range time learning to shoot a specific pistol action type. Students will learn the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; the particular pistol model parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive FIRST Steps Course completion certificate. Another great course to complete prior to taking a CCW course, if you plan on carrying one certain gun.

Requirements: Semi auto or revolver of any kind, 50 rounds factory ammunition.

The purpose of the Advanced Pistol I course is to take the learned basic pistol handling skills and expand those skills to advanced hand gunning techniques; in doing so assisting shooters in becoming more proficient with their handguns in both familiar & unfamiliar shooting styles, while enhancing their overall hand gunning skills, with a concentration on marksmanship. Lessons include Conditions of carry, stance, draw, malfunctions, reloads, cover & concealment, movement, marksmanship and a test.  When students leave they will have a full understanding of when and how to apply these skills to their regular practice sessions. This course does have subtle nuances to defensive tactics and serves as a precursor to the Defensive Pistol I course. NON NRA

Requirements: Pre-course assessment, Hip holster, extra magazine/speed loader holder, 250 rounds factory loaded ammunition.


$225/ 2 day

Coming into this class you will already have a grasp of various unconventional/ untraditional marksmanship techniques, the draw, how to reload, cover & concealment, firing while moving and how to properly deal with malfunctions. Now you will build on these skills & be introduced to possible real world preparedness and the tactical mentality. Lessons include legal aspects, hand signals, situational awareness, stressful situations & target discrimination, escalation of force, threat de-escalation, close quarters contact, rapid target engagement & reflexive fire, use of cover and concealment, victimization avoidance, home defense, as well as marksmanship skills & drills. You will experience an expanded thought process, mental conditioning and come away with a defensive mind set. NON NRA

Requirements: Pre-course assessment, Hip holster, extra magazine/speed loader holder, 250/1 day, 350/2 day rounds factory loaded ammunition. 

$75. Many marksmen regularly train for "what if" scenarios. Unfortunatly many only train during times when there is adequate ambient light.  Sadly violent crimes and home invasions do happen during all hours of the 24 hour day. This 4+ hour class highlights defensive tactics, with an emphasis on low light situations.  Threat recognition, point shooting, personal safety, and actions to aviod are just some of the topics covered. NON NRA

Requirements: Pre-course assessment, Centerfire handgun, 100 rounds of factory ammo, holster, spare mag & mag pouch.

Focusing on the most common of all rifle calibers- the 22 LR (Long Rifle).  Some shooters will own a a rifle chambered in 270 WIN, some will own a 223 REM, some will own a 338 Lapua, but virtually all will have owned a 22LR.  Covering different action types, ammo types and positions (Benchrest, standing, kneeling, sitting and prone) shooters will see why so many Americans enjoy this cartridge.  A great starting platform for parents who want their children to learn safety and accuracy, rifle marksmen who want to enhance their all around rifle marksmanship, or weekend plinkers who want better performance on the bench. This is a one day course. NON NRA

Requirements: Any 22LR rifle, scope or no scope, 300 rounds factory loaded ammo.

-Rifle and ammo can be provided for additional fee.

-Kids under 12 are always 25% off normal price. 

This course focuses on the ins and outs of semi automatic carbine rifles, catering moreso to AR-15, AK-47, Mini 14/30, & M1 Carbine rifles. Subjects covered include zeroing, basic shooting fundamentals (with battle sights, CCO type optic or scope), disassembly / reassembly, parts, cleaning, care & storage. NON NRA

Requirements: Carbine length rifle, 150 rds factory loaded ammunition. 

This course includes shooting on the move, various grips rapid target acquisition, quick mag changes, shoot/no shoot drills, use of cover, defensive scenarios. NON NRA

Requirements: Pre-course assessment, Carbine length rifle, 200 rounds factory loaded ammo.

This course is intended for those that have a desire strengthen their marksmanship out to 500 yards.  Covering internal and exterinal ballistics, the effects of wind, humidity, elevation, barometric pressure, temperature, scope height, ballistic coefficients, shooting from the prone position and much more. This course will help you with engaging that game animal thats at the back of the field, or that paper target your friends say you can't hit. Only available in NC. NON NRA

Requirements:  200 rounds factory ammo, scope(preferably). Bipod.

               $200 1/day, $300 2/day

The long range shots are the pinnacle of some shooters marksmanship. Hearing the steel ring out on the first shot is definitely something to be proud of.  For most it is easy to do at 100 yards, at 1,000+  yds it's another ball game.  This course is intended for those that have a desire to seriously step up their long range game.  Covering internal and external ballistics, long range rifle characteristics , the effects of wind, humidity, elevation, barometric pressure, temperature, spin drift, coriolis effect, scope height, ballistic coefficients, range estimation. Only available in NC. NON NRA

Requirements:  200 rounds (1 day), 300 rounds (2 day) match grade ammo, scope with reticle capable of estimating range(Mil-Dot, Mil-DotBar, Horus, etc). Bipod, bags or a rest, data book. Spotting scope & shooting mat are recommended. 

(Ladies Only Crafted Training) 


This 4 hour course Covers refresher on basic firearms safety, operation and fundamentals. Quickly moving into ladies carry methods, the draw, non traditional shooting techniques, principles of personal defense, diverse defensive scenarios and "Stay Safes". NON NRA

Bacis principals of shotgun handling are only the beginning. Rapid reloads, target vector flux, load type transition for varying target types at diverse distances, all need to be done swiftly & seamlessly . NON NRA

(Combined Pistol/Shotgun Course) 


This is a course in proper handling, manipulation and employment of shotguns and pistols in defensive situations. Topics covered include home security/victimization avoidance, home defense TACTICS, expedient malfunction clearing, use of cover, ammunition, close quarters contact, "do's & don'ts." NON NRA

Hourly training dedicated to identifying shooters strong and weak points, and tailoring training to the individual. All in a stress free and judgement free environment. Call for pricing.

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